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Marrakech Nomad

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Marrakech Nomad

Gender: Male

Website: https://nomadmarrakech.com

Telephone: +212 5 24 38 16 09

Contact email: info@nomadmarrakech.com


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Brief description: Morroco is an beautiful land of endless beauty and timeless architecture.

About me

In 2014, Kamal Laftimi and Sebastian de Gzell took over an old carpet store off the famed Rahba Lakdima spice square (places des épices) and, alongside interior designer Romain Meniere, transformed it into “Nomad”.With a strong emphasis on fresh local produce and ample variety for vegetarians, pescetarians, and carnivores alike, the lively restaurant serves simple “Modern Moroccan” cuisine: revisions of traditional local cuisine and international dishes with a Moroccan twist.Spread over 4 floors, with intimate dining rooms and two levels of terraces that offer fantastic views of the surrounding Medina Restaurant Marrakech and Atlas mountain range (when visible between November and May), Nomad is perfect for both lunch and dinner, or to simply repose from the hustle and bustle of the souks with a much-needed drink.

Brief description: Morroco is an beautiful land of endless beauty and timeless architecture.



Contact emailinfo@nomadmarrakech.com

Telephone: +212 5 24 38 16 09